Implementation of the London Research Strategy

Advanced Archeology at the Museum

The London Research Strategy was launched in May 2016 here on the CBA London website and also through a Facebook page ( The Strategy calls for the implementation of an ‘Action Plan’ which aims to identify and promote research priorities and collaborative work. The first step in this plan is the formation of an Advisory Board (also known as the Steering Group) made up of members representing London’s many research groups and interests, including amateurs and professionals, local societies, commercial archaeology contractors, academics, and representatives of museums and other institutions.
The Steering Group’s inaugural meeting was delayed but finally took place at the Museum of London on March 24th, 2017. Minutes have now been circulated and a brief summary of the minutes can be found in the ‘London Research Strategy’ section of this website. The meeting identified some initial priority aims and recommended a number of follow-up actions. More information on these initiatives will be provided as it becomes available.

Updated 28/11/17